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Help influence Mental Health in Cambs for young adults

Like to have a say on Mental Health for young people aged 17-plus?

Sun Alliance is hosting two workshops at Huntingdon later this month, on Wednesday May 31. And has limited places available.

Both run at the Maple Centre, 6 Oak Drive, Huntingdon, CAMBS, PE29 7HN


Workshop 10am to 1pm  

Discuss, influence and decide what the priorities are for mental health in the next 5 years and how mental health care can be integrated into NHS services you receive. 

Workshop 2, 2-4pm 

Have your input in on how mental health could be better promoted and discussing ideas around mental health prevention. 


Each workshop will be a co-production workshop. There will be a brief introduction and explanation of the projects. Through an equal group discussion, sharing thoughts, ideas and opinions, we will answer several questions around the topics.  

Your input will be directly fed back to those who make the decisions about Mental Health within Cambridgeshire.

The SUN Network are set up to anonymously share individuals experiences, ideas, thoughts and opinions around mental health to influence the future of mental health and challenge mental health decision makers, ensuring services and care are delivering what you need and want.

Tea and coffee will be available and a light lunch will be provided between 13.00 — 14.00. 

To book

Contact Anne Wrigglesworth, service user engagement facilitator at SUN Network.

Mobile 07921 879318


Monday, May 8, 2017