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Helping children with Maths difficulties: recruits wanted for focus group

How can children with Maths difficulties be better supported?

The Local Authority wants to improve practise and create a guide for parents.  And as part of the process, it wants to hear from parents about their experiences.

There's a focus group at St Ives on June 15 at 11am, hosted by Pinpoint.  Would you like to share what you know?

If you can't make the session, the county council would welcome your views on the following questions.  

  • How do parents help their child at home with maths?
  • What has the school done to help?
  • Has the school recognised their child’s difficulties and communicated this to them as parents?
  • How does their child present at home/ at school?
  • How do their children cope with the fact that they find maths hard?
  • Do they feel that there might be more that the school could do?
  • Does the school work with the parents to help the child?
  • Do the children have other difficulties as well as those with maths?  Does the school manage the child differently if they have a wider range of difficulties than if the difficulty is only with maths?

Book a place or respond to the questions

If you would like to join the focus group or simply reply to the questions above via email or telephone, contact Lenja on 01480 499043,

Tuesday, May 16, 2017