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14th Annual Disability Lecture in Cambridge

Microsoft software engineer Saqib Shaikh will give the 14th annual disability lecture in Cambridge on March 23.

Saqib, who works in artificial intelligence and research, will talk about Innovating Towards a More Inclusive Future. The focus will be on the power of technology to include everyone. And, in particular, how developments for specific groups, like disabled people can lead to mainstream technologies creating more inclusive environments.

The lecture is at 5.30pm on the 23rd March 2017, in the Fisher Building at St John’s College. The lecture is organised jointly between the University’s Disability Resource Centre (DRC), the Equality and Diversity section and St John’s College.

The lecture is open to all, the venue is fully accessible to disabled people and the lecture will be captioned and a BSL interpreter will be present. It would be wonderful to include as many people as possible in this event and I attach a poster, which I would be grateful if you would circulate.

Ticket bookings via eventbrite 

Thursday, March 16, 2017