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If you couldn’t make our June Network Meeting at Huntingdon this month, we wanted to share information from our mini-workshop on hypermobility, run by Cambridgeshire Community Health Services. Here’s what we learned from Stevie Parker, who leads the children’s physiotherapy team for Hunts.

Achieving Continence with children with sEND

Community paediatrician Dr Jackie Taylor was among the team of professionals at our June network meetings.  At our Papworth session she ran a mini workshop on continence.


Typically developing children become “toilet aware” between 3-4 years old. For children with delayed development, that milestone will be later.  Only a small group of children will never become continent – usually those with gastro problems, spina bifida and learning disabilities or cognitive issues who have a development age of less than two.

Disability benefits for children and young people

Applying for benefits can be confusing especially if your children are transitioning from one to another.  Some forms appear straightforward but filling them out correctly and providing the right evidence of need can be difficult to get right.


Communication: top tips for parent carers

Our network meetings last month were all about communication.  If you missed them, here are some top tips from our Partnership & Participation Co-ordinator Eve Redgrave, who ran mini-workshops for parents.

Good communication is good for everyone.  And if you're a parent of a child with additional needs, you are likely to be attending extra meetings with professionals   -  which can be extremely stressful.

1. Be prepared

Make a checklist of what you want/need for your family

Sex and Relationships Education: Supporting young people with learning disabilities

Couple embracing, girl on tiptoes

Pinpoint’s Preparing for Adulthood Support Group hosted Liz MacKenzie, Learning Disabilities SRE Lead from Cambridge charity Dhiverse, this month.

Liz runs the charity’s successful ABC programme about healthy relationships. And over the last year has visited schools, day centres and residential homes and worked with the Learning Disability Partnership to support over 400 young people with LDs across the county. 

Mental Health & Well-being

a sky of clouds

pinpoint’s network meetings this term have been about Mental Health & Well-Being.

As well as discussing how to address existing problems in Cambridgeshire services and improve them for the future, our sessions offered some well-being tips and advice to parent carers, plus information on other helpful organisations.