What is co-production?

The 2014 SEND reforms required each Local Authority to demonstrate how they co-produced and reviewed their Local Offer website and co-produced the Education Heath Care Plans.

Co-production is collaboration between young people, parent carers, the local authority, NHS and other professionals.

The concept of co-production means that all parties need to be involved in the planning, design and delivery throughout the process.

Cambridgeshire co-produced their own charter to underpin how co-production would work here.

Co-production can be seen in Cambridgehsire and Peterborough’s new SEND Pledge – both in the co-production of the document and in the ‘do nothing without me’ commitment.


Pinpoint has produced it own training materials to support co-production 

‘Co-production is about developing equal partnerships between the people who use services and their carers, and those who run them. It’s a subtle but effective methodology for engaging closely with the end-user from the beginning, on a basis of mutual respect. It can be used to overcome barriers, manage expectations and solve complex problems.’ Contact A Family


Contact a Family have produced parent carer information about co-production

Read what the NNPCF say about co-production