EHCP Reviews

When and how to get the best from a review

EHCPs will be reviewed annually or when changes are needed.  You can ask for an early review if your child’s needs change or if the Plan is not working – but this should be rarely needed.

The Review process is statutory and there are legal requirements.  IPSEA have information about this aspect of the process. SENDIASS have a leaflet about it too.

Contact a Family has information about how the process should work  and Council for Disabled Children have a helpful video.

It is important that the child/young person and parent carer take an active role in the process – you should be equal partners with other professionals.  It will important to be ready to say what you think is working well and what would be better if.  Ask for the things you think that might be needed but also be ready for professionals to offer their suggestions.   The Plan should be person centred – these two videos are useful reminders of what this means.  

You can take someone with you if you feel a bit overwhelmed  – its supposed to be a friendly supportive meeting not a battle ground.  Most of time there will be agreement with all who are taking part.  Occasionally there will be differing views.  Reviews seem to work best when everyone is open minded, listen to each other, are positive and can stay focused on what is best for the child.

It will be important that the Plan is constantly looking ahead to ensure that what is being done this year is preparing ypur child / young person for their adult life – it sounds obvious but its easy to forget.

The new revised draft plan will arrive and you will be asked to agree it.  If there are things that you are worried about then do talk to the Statutory Assessment and SENCO – it matters its the best possible plan.  What is written in the Plan is what must legally be delivered – if its not in the Plan there is no requirement to provide it.

If you have difficulties during the process then SENDIASS can help.  There is a complaints process should it be needed.