Help to complete forms

Who can help you with paperwork

Whilst we are not able to do this at Pinpoint there are other organisations locally who can:

Disability Cambridgeshire can do this for Cambridgeshire Residents

Disability Huntingdonshire (DISH) can do this for Huntingdonshire Residents

The Citizen’s Advice Bureau can help, as can Little Miracles.

But some forms are easily completed easily, especially if your have a little online help.



DISH have produced some easy to read guides that walk you through how to complete the forms:

DLA(Disability Living Allowance)

PiP (Personal Independence Payments) 

Employment Support Allowance



And there are a range of videos online that can help too:

Cerebra have one for DLA

DWP have a PiP version

There is a Universal Credit one too.


Housing Benefits and Council Tax help

These benefits are managed by your local district or City Council:

South Cambs
Cambridge City Council

Peterborough City Council