What we do

MP talking to constituents
Cambridge MP Daniel Zeichner meets parent carers at our city network meeting

Speak up and help make a positive change

Pinpoint offers Cambridgeshire parent carers the chance to improve local services for their families with additional needs and disabilities.  And have a say on the things they care about –  such as health, education and social care.

Every term we run county-wide network meetings in East Cambs, South Cambs, Cambridge City, Fenland and Huntingdonshire to gather parents’ views and share information with the providers of the service – including health officials and the county council.

Find out what parents are doing about services in your district

You can also have your say at our regular sessions for parent carers, including: logo on parent power

  • a parent group  for those bringing up young people preparing for adulthood (aged 14 to 25)
  • a parent group  for parents of children with ADHD and Autistic Spectrum Disorders.
  • action and focus groups to shape and improve current and future services for children and young people with additional needs and disabilities

We have a contract with Cambridgeshire County Council to help develop the participation of parents with disabled children in decision-making. The contract runs until March 2018.

Our work has put the local spotlight on issues such as self-harm, bullying, mental healthwheelchairs and continence services, and resulted in better services and more information and support for families.  

Cambridgeshire Parent Power - make things happen!

Pinpoint offers Cambridgeshire parents and carers the chance to get involved and have a say on the services affecting their families.

We are the parent carer forum for Cambridgeshire and are also commissioned by Cambridgeshire County Council to improve the way parents are involved in making decisions about how support is provided to families.

Your feedback is hugely important, so why not join us and get involved? You can take part

Our parents say ...

Your views matter: it’s the law

YOU are the expert on your child or young person and know best what works for  them and what doesn’t. 

Whether you want more help at school for your son or daughter, an EHC plan for your own child or want to improve specific county-wide services such as wheelchair, sensory support or continence or are concerned about  issues such as bullying, transport or mental health, your views and experience really are important.

Cambridgeshire care providers need your involvement in designing, developing and planning services for children and young people. And the 2014 SEND reforms make it clear that children with additional needs and disabilities and their families are equal partners in services and in deciding what should be provided.

You need good information to make informed decisions. And should be asked what matters to you and be listened to.

Pinpoint’s here to support you by

  • making sure you have the information you need
  • finding ways to ways to involve you
  • empowering you to take control

Everyone's talking about co-production - what is it?

When parents and professionals work together as equal partners it is called ‘co-production’.

It allows people with different views and ideas to come together to make things better for everyone.

Co-production is about people who use services, their carers, and people who run services working together as equals.