Pinpoint Champions

In September 2019 we launched our Pinpoint Champion Programme – to find ‘Champions’ who are trained and supported by us to signpost other parent carers towards our website and the help that is out there for them, their SEND child and their family.

This an extremely flexible role as our Champions are available to help families in their normal day to day daily life at their own schools, playgroups and within their local community, and should not take up more than an hour of your time each week.

We recognise our Champions value and give them a Time Credit each week during term times for being available to talk to other parents and carers. For example, in a 6-week term our Champions earn 6 Time Credits to spend on many activities for you and your family both locally and nationally. To find out more about Time Credits, click here.

To find out more, Linda will be happy to discuss the role with you. You can contact her by emailing

You can also pop along for a chat at one of our local Tii Hubs in Huntington or Godmanchester and talk to our existing Champions to find out more over a cuppa.

· Huntingdon – Huntingdon Tesco Community Room 10am–12pm on 2nd Monday of each month (this is now on hold due to COVID-19)

· Godmanchester – Godmanchester Baptist Church 10am–12pm Fridays once per month (this is now on hold due to COVID-19)

In January 2020, two Champions in St Neots have also set up Parent-led Tii Hubs supported by Pinpoint (Tii Hub stands for Together we have Information not Isolation) These run on the last Monday of each month at St Neots Tesco in the Community Room between 10am and 12pm. This is an informal drop in coffee morning where parents can simply turn up and know whatever day they are having, others understand and will be supportive.

“As parents of Special Needs children, we have experience of what it feels like when you don’t have the right guidance and knowledge of where to find help and support.

We feel we can help parents to find the right help and support, by listening to their needs and showing them where to get this help on the Pinpoint website page. It feels good to share our stories about our own struggles in order to be able to offer advice on what has worked for us and support different parents and carers when they are going through a difficult time.

Since we have started the Tii hub, we have had so many people comment on how much happier they are, knowing that we can guide them to ask for help from the Pinpoint website.” Pinpoint Champion