Latest Covid Guidance for Cambridgeshire

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Following the Government’s announcement on Jan 4th that we are returning to a Tier 5 lockdown, you can find the latest general information here.

Cambridgeshire’s schools will, like all schools, be expected to open to those who are ‘vulnerable’ and those who are children of ‘critical workers’ – the list has been updated and is on the Government’s Covid update page. Schools are expected to again carry out risk assessments for children who are vulnerable and to involve parent carers in the decisions made.

Children who would usually receive Free School Meals will continue to do so whilst schools are closed or if they cannot/do not attend.  Schools will make arrangements directly with families.

General Covid Information


To keep up to date with all the latest Covid advice visit the Local Authority’s Covid Pages and the Local Healthcare Trust.

For national updates visit

Need extra help and someone to listen?

Pinpoint offers regular Tii Hubs where you can drop in for a chat with other parent carers and have help towards services which may help you and your child.

Contact provide direct advice and support services to parent carers. Their free helpline is open Monday to Friday between 9.30am and 5.00pm: 0808 808 3555. They also provide a listening ear service, live chat facility and closed facebook page for carers of disabled children.

Parent to Parent line on 0808 800 4106 Challenging Behaviour Foundation.

Caring Together have a chat line available to carers. They are also offering support for carers to attend their COVID-19 vaccination.

Need help with managing behaviour?

Pinpoint run free workshops for parent carers each month in term time, many of which feature managing behaviour.  We also a have a dedicated webpage.

Need help with online learning?

Your child’s school should be able to provide online learning and support but you can also find resources here.

Need help with benefits?

We have a whole section of our website offering help.

Need help with mental health?

We have a section of our website that explains how to access support, much of which does not need to wait for a referral.