Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy

Helping your child with their movement

Sometimes our children need help to develop / improve their movement (motor skills) or to keep them fit and well.

Occupational Therapy can help with improving children’s motor skills and give advice to help with daily tasks.  They can help with ideas to support your child’s fine motor control – pencil control, using scissors, doing up buttons etc.  They can also advise on gross motor skills, including running and balancing.  They can help you to better understand your child’s sensory needs and how to support your child with these needs. They have some new online learning videos that parent carers may find helpful including some on sensory differences.  We also have a handy guide available too.  The service offers advice but cannot give a diagnosis.  You can find out more about their service on their website, including how the referral process works.

Physiotherapy can help by restoring movement and function to parts of the body – strengthening weak or damaged muscles or improving flexibility, for example. Physiotherapy is often a short-term service where you may be given exercises to do at home or advice that can be used in school.  Some children will need longer-term support to meet their needs and may work with the service over a much longer time. You can find out more about their service on their website, including how to make a referral.  We also have a physiotherapy handy guide.