Smile power and Dr Seuss’ life lessons

Pinpoint’s Preparing for Adulthood group talked motivation this month – helped by guest speaker Sarah Stones from Plain Sailing Motivation.

According to Sarah, motivation creates energy … and fuels our drive to move forward.

When we are motivated we:

  • learn better
  • think faster
  • find creative solutions
  • solve problems

Identifying the different motivators that make your son or daughter tick is the key to engaging them, supporting them… and helping them shine.

She told our group that everyone has a combination of intrinsic motivators – some more powerful than others – which will change through life.  These include:

  • wanting security, safety and stability
  • being an expert or specialist
  • the desire to innovate and create
  • a drive to earn money and material satisfaction

Sarah also urged parents to use positive language with their young people, focus on what’s been good – and to smile.

cover of Dr Seuss Oh the Places You'll GoShe also brought along a selection of books for inspiration… including Dr Seuss’ Oh, The Places You’ll Go.  It’s full of life lessons … good for children, young people and parents too. It’s available through Cambridgeshire libraries.  Search and reserve a copy online