Children’s Centres

Children’s Centres have been a main source of information and support for children under five years old and their families in Cambridgeshire.  However, in July 2017, the county council  published plans for a major redesign of the service  – currently being consulted on until September 22 2017.

The council would like to see a different approach, with district centres offering services across the whole family age range –  from mums-to-be to babies and toddlers, right through to young adults.

However, until the new plans are decided, there are 16 groups of Children’ Centres serving the whole county, offering:

  • access to health services such as midwives and health visitors
  • family support services – trained staff who can support you if you need help or want some advice
  • advice about early years education and childcare
  • employment, training and benefits advice
  • drop-in play sessions
  • parenting courses
  • a meeting place for childminders
  • dads’ groups

Visit the Chidren’s Centre webpage on the county council website