Get on the SCIP database

SCIP – the Special needs Community Information Point – is a database for Cambridgeshire children and young people aged 0- 25 years who have special needs or a disability, and their families.

Join SCIP and you’ll get:

  • SCIP Card
  • Activity Passport
  • Email update on local events and activities
  • Information booklets on activities, support, local and national organisations
  • Carers Magazine

If you would like to get information and advice on events, support groups or services for your family, sign up to the SCIP Email Network and SCIP Card which you can use if you need assistance when you’re out and about.


Cambridgeshire SCIP card for children with SEND

The Card was developed following requests from families who sometimes need help while out with their child, especially where the disability or condition is not visibly evident, when a child is likely to react to a situation such as load noises, or is in an uncomfortable situation and may react in a way that draws attention. Read the SCIP card factsheet for more information.

Activity Passport

This booklet will help you to provide essential information about your child when they are going to an activity such as scouts, play schemes, organised activities, etc.

It contains essential information about your child such as:

  • Emergency contact details
  • Medication
  • Recognising triggers for anxiety / becoming unsettled
  • Likes and dislikes

There is no charge for the Passport. You are entitled to a Passport if your child/young person is enrolled on the SCIP Database. The SCIP Co-ordinator can also be contacted for information specific to your family’s needs.

Information Booklets

These contain information on activities, events and support groups for Fenland, Huntingdon and Cambridge (all contain information for Peterborough). These are available on the Cambridgeshire County Council website.

How to join SCIP/Contact

To join SCIP and apply for a SCIP Card  complete the online form

Contact Joan Adamson,  SCIP Co-ordinator, for a hard copy of the form.

Joan  is based at Box No: H2/15, Bargroves, Cromwell Road, St Neots PE19 2EYT: 01480 379827,

E:  W: