How to get a short break

Short-breaks for disabled children are in big demand.  In Cambridgeshire, over 1,000 disabled children and young people (aged up to 19) receive short breaks through the local offer (self-assessment) and through a social care assessment. 
Here’s the essential information on who’s eligible and how to apply for assessment for your child or young person.

Who can get a short break?

  • If your child gets higher rate DLA (Care)/enhanced PIP and you are not getting any support from social care, you are automatically entitled to Early Help funding. So call 0345 045 5203 to arrange self-assessment.
  • Otherwise, your child or young person must have a social care assessment via your family’s social worker.

How Self Assessment works

You will need to complete a self assessment form and the amount of money you receive will depend upon your child’s needs and agreeing a short breaks plan with the county council’s Disabled Children’s Early Help Team.

  • Request a self assessment form from the county council’s  Contact Centre on 0345 045 5203.
  • The referral will be passed to the Disabled Children’s Early Help Team, who will then send out the self assessment form.
  • Once completed, the form should sent back with a copy of your child or young person’s DLA or PIP letter. When the referral has been received a member of the Early Help team will contact you within 7 working days to arrange a visit.
  • During the visit, you will be get more information about useful services and confirmation of your entitlement for the year. A support plan will then be arranged and a referral will be made to the relevant club or provider.

Social Care Assessment

If your child does not receive high level DLA/enhanced PIP,  you can request a social care assessment. This assessment will assess the needs of the child/young person and provide social work support and care management.Cambridgeshire County Council aims to arrange a visit to complete a single assessment within 45 working days. A social worker will come and meet you and your family. They will ask your permission to talk to other people who know you and your family’s circumstances. They will then use the information to work out which eligibility level your child is at, and then provide the right support.If your child’s needs do not meet this criteria, CCC will offer advice and information about other organisations that may be able to help.

Eligibility criteria

Cambridgeshire County Council’s website sets out which families in the area can access short breaks.

If you are not eligible

If you do not qualify for early help or need help understanding the eligibility criteria, phone the county council Contact Centre on 0345 045 5203 and they will offer you information and advice and put you in touch with any groups or organisations who may be able to help.

You could also read more about the Family Carers’ Prescription, available through Carers Trust Cambridgeshire.

More information

Visit the County Council’s Local Social Care short break offer

Types of Short Break