Direct Payments

A direct payment is a cash sum paid to you, on behalf of your disabled child, or to your young adult, to buy support and short breaks (respite). In Cambridgeshire, the money is provided by Cambridgeshire County Council

To receive direct payments you will need to have an assessment from Social Care and get agreement that your child meets the eligibility criteria.

Once it has been agreed that you are entitled to direct payments,  you will have a choice in how you spend the money you have been allocated.

These things might include:

  • short breaks
  • attending a nursery with specialist support for you child
  • buying equipment
  • personal care

Cambridgeshire's Direct Payment service details

Preferred provider, Purple, has replaced Penderels Trust as Cambridgeshire County Council’s support service provider for Direct Payments.

Waterbeach-based Purple has won a support services contract from Cambridgeshire County Council to provide information, advice and guidance to those users considering a direct payment; a comprehensive payment service for those employing PA’s or using agency care; and a full employment service for those wanting to recruit and retain PA’s.


Contact details


Phone: 01245 392 300

Visit the Purple website

Can you tell your story about Direct Payments?

Voices4Choices is helping people in Cambridgeshire understand Direct Payments – by telling lived experiences of people who are currently using the system.

If you are using Direct Payments for your child or young person, and can give your thoughts, or you need more information about the system, please get in touch with project organisers CAIL, the Cambridgeshire Alliance for Independent Living.


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