Safe Places Scheme Cambridgeshire

The Safe Places scheme currently runs in Huntingdon, Ely and Whittlesey, where local businesses and shops offer temporary refuge to vulnerable people in need.

And it’s hoped to extend the scheme maybe to Cambridge and the south in 2018.

Supported by Voiceability and the Speak Out Council and Cambridgeshire Constabulary, businesses sign up to offer help and then display special stickers in their windows to show they are part of the scheme and a safe place for anyone feeling threatened or anxious.

A person needing help shows their stay safe card to a member of staff who will help them call the emergency contact on the card – or the local police or safeguarding service.

The card tells people exactly what to do to help the person. This includes their name, the contact details of the person they need to get in touch with and what to do if you cannot get hold of them.



Apply for a safe place card

To get a card for your son or daughter,   please telephone  VoiceAbility on  01223 555800.

Stay Safe Card for vulnerable people