Working and Caring

How do you combine working and caring?

Staying in paid work can be hugely challenging when you have a disabled child or young person with additional needs to care for.

Knowing your rights can help and charity Working Families has set up ‘Waving not drowning’ – a dedicated network and advice service for parents of disabled children who work or wish to work.

Need advice about employment rights and benefits for working parents and carers? Working Families runs a free legal helpline.

Call 0300 012 0312 or email for free legal advice.

The RIFT Group has a new in-depth online resource they created about childcare entitlements and benefits for parents.

The guide offers lots of helpful information such as:

  • A comprehensive look at the
    many forms of UK government support, entitlements, and benefits to help parents with childcare such as support  from Universal Credit, the Tax-Free Childcare system, free vouchers, and child tax credits.

  • Practical and useful information
    about each childcare support system, scheme, and benefit; how they work, who are qualified, and how to claim these benefits.

  • Understanding Tax-Free Childcare:
    what parents can receive, other benefits like childminders, nurseries, after-school clubs and play schemes, and details on how to qualify and apply.

  • Links to other useful childcare
    resources and information that many parents will find helpful.

You can read the guide here.