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From children’s to adult social care

Is your young person moving from children’s services into adult social care in Cambridgeshire or going to need to in future?

The transition is explained on the county council’s website  where you can find out about how the move is planned – it’s called the “transfer pathway”.

Work should start with young people from when they are 14 (at least) and cover areas including independence, preparing for work, future living and support, health and money.

If your young person has a social worker already, preparation for the move will start in their 16th year. Children’s social workers will start to use the adult social care assessment and care and support planning process to plan and put in place social care support for when they turn 18. An Adult Social Care Team will be identified for them and provide support as young people turn 18.

These teams are:

  • Adult Autism and Support Team (AAT)
  • Mental Health Service
  • Learning Disability Partnership Young Adults Team supporting 18 -25s which now sits with SEND 0-25 service (Aug 2017)
  • Physical Disability Team
  • Sensory Team

Some young people who do not have a children’s social worker but who will or may need social care support as an adult. Where this is the case, the appropriate adult social care team will start working with a young person from around the age of 16 to assess eligibility and arrange adult support if needed.

Contact social services through the council’s contact centre on 0345 045 5203.

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Young Adult’s Social Care Team (18 – 25)

01480 372669 or Cambridgeshire County Council Customer Services 0345 0455202

Email:  as well as the call centres number.

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