Getting the EHCP right

Person Centred Plans

The best plans are truly person centred – they reflect your child, their aspirations, skills, talents and needs.    When you read the plan you should be able to see the child you know and love and understand how the plan will help them to achieve their potential and ambitions. Whilst it vital that the plan details the provision it should focus on how it will help the child to achieve their goals.  Your child should help write it, alongside you and the professional team.

Council for Disabled Children have produced a helpful short video that explains how this works on practice.

The EHCP needs to be specific as it is a legal document.  It needs to say exactly what will be provided by whom, how and when.  But do keep coming back to the ‘why’.  Its easy to check caught up with asking for a certain provision and then realise that it won’t actually give the child or young person the opportunities they need to fulfil their goals.