Requesting an ECHA

How to make the ECHA request

There are several routes to making a request.

  • the school / setting can make a request to the Local Authority
  • A parent or child/young person can make a request to the Local Authority
  • a professional can make a request to the Local Authority

There are then several ways of making the request.

You can:

  • ask the school to make the request – the school completes the paperwork and you should be asked to contribute


  • write a letter – you don’t need specific words but you might find the IPSEA template letter useful  – and send it to:Statutory Assessment and Resources Team, Box SCO2209, Scott House, Huntingdon, PE29 3AD

    Telephone: 01480 372 600


  • fill in a Local Authority Request Form

If you are making the request yourself

To help the assessment panel to make a good decision it can help to provide as much background information about your child’s needs as possible.  You are not required to do this but without it the professionals don’t have much to help them make a decision.  The Local Authority provide a Parents’ Checklist to help you think about the information you may have already that would be helpful – remember, you are not required to have this.

Do read the Education Health Care Assessment Guidance and our Handy Guide as these might help you think about not just the level of need but also there may be many low level needs or slow progress over a long period of time, for example.

You don’t need fancy words!  You know your child and you need to paint a clear picture for the person who will read your letter / form who doesn’t know them.  Just help them to understand why you think a full assessment is needed.

Independent support for making an EHCA


The process should take between 4 and 6 weeks.

You can read more on the Cambridgeshire Local Offer