What is an Education Health and Care Assessment (ECHA)


Some children’s needs are complex, greater and have not been met through SEN Support.

In these cases it may be appropriate for there to be a full assessment of needs – an Education Health and Care Assessment

A parent, child / young person, school or professional can request a full assessment.  It is the Local Authority’s duty to consider such a request as they will need to provide the resources to do the assessment.

A request can be made where there are thought that there ‘may’ be additional needs – you do not need a diagnosis or a named condition. But to help the professionals to decide whether a full assessment is appropriate it will help if they have some more information to go on.  The Local Authority has co-produced ECHA guidance, with Pinpoint and SENDIASS, which is available to schools and parent carers.  It is not a check list. It is not there to stop requests being made.  It is there to help everyone understand what sort of additional information helps the ECHA Panel to make a good decision.

There are lots of unhelp myths about the assessment and when you might qualify for one – please read our co-produced myth busting guide  as the myths are just that!