When your child needs more than SEN Support

When SEN Support is not enough

For most children, good SEN Support will meet their needs and they will not need greater help and support.

For some children, the needs are more complex, greater and will need a higher level of intervention.

It is not automatic that children on SEN Support move on to have a full Education Health Care Assessment or have an Education Health and Care Plan.

Neither should it be the case that a child’s needs can only be assessed by an Education Health Care Assessment.

Good schools will assess learning needs thoroughly at an early stage and will make use of the free resources and support available from Cambridgeshire’s SEND District Teams. The Teams can lend all the professional assessments tools that the educational psychologists recommend – these cover reading, writing, learning styles, memory and much more.  The only assessments they cannot lend are those which must be carried out by a qualified Educational Psychologist.

Schools can access Educational Psychologist’s advice from the SEND District Team to ensure they are doing all they can to meet a child’s needs – this is available without a request for a full assessment.  Where there are needs which come under the medical professional’s expertise (autism, ADHD, physical needs, speech and language), this may need a separate assessment and schools may need to request additional specialist help and advice from the right NHS service.

Whilst an Education Health Care Plan provides a ‘legal’ requirement to provide what is written in it, schools also have a legal duty to meet a child’s needs if they are on SEN Support.

In most cases, everything the child needs can be provided under SEN Support and children will make good progress.  They will not need an full assessment or a Plan.

In some cases, it may be appropriate to seek a full Education Health and Care Assessment.