Autism and ADHD – Referrals and Support

How it works and where to find help

The process for seeking a referral for a potential diagnosis in Cambridgeshire depends on the age of the child.  The NHS publish their information on their website (0-11 years)   website (+11yrs). The documents set out the expectations about what they would expect to have happened prior to a referral and the information that they would expect to see.

Where children are in school (nursery, primary or secondary) or a setting (pre-school, college) there is guidance for how professionals  can make a referral.

As a parent carer you can ask school or setting to make referral or ask your GP.  You could decide to seek a private assessment. Whatever route you take do share your concerns and worries with the professionals that are involved with your child / family so that they can offer help and support.

With or without a diagnosis your child will still have needs.

It would be reasonable to expect schools and settings to address these – indeed its a legal requirement, although exactly how the needs are met are not specified (for those who do not have an Education Health and Care Plan [ECHP] and who are on SEN Support). Where there is an ECHP, then how the needs are met will need to be written into the Plan and the law says the Plan must be delivered as its written.

And with or without a diagnosis, children and parent carers will still need support to address and manage the needs as they relate to the child.  All children are individuals and there is no one size fits all solution. Many parent carers will tell you it can mean trying things out to find what is useful to you and your child.  But there is a lot of support available.

Pinpoint offer ASD/ADHD sessions which are free  – you don’t need a diagnosis to access them, just pick the ones that you think are relevant to your needs.  You can book free tickets on the events section of our website.