Monday Tii Hub

Online Pinpoint, St Ives, United Kingdom

Tii Hub – Together we have Information not Isolation – join us and other parent carers who “get it” for a cuppa and a chat MONDAY mornings. You are not alone.  Pinpoint’s Informal Online Peer support group. Pinpoint provide help and information to parents and carers of children and young people aged 0-25 with additional needs and disabilities in Cambridgeshire....

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PDA & Sleep

Online Pinpoint, St Ives, United Kingdom

Following your requests for another sleep session on PDA,  firm Pinpoint parent favourite, Nickie Sutton is back to explore how PDA (Persistent Drive for Autonomy AKA Pathological Demand Avoidance) can impact sleep. As always Nickie will be giving tips and strategies and a chance to ask questions as well. Pinpoint provide help and information to...

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Online Pinpoint, St Ives, United Kingdom

Termly sessions offering a safe space for SEND parents carers and Mental Health professionals to work together to improve support for SEND children and young people. This sessions speakers are Ormiston Families - Evelyn Taylor explaining how their support can help the whole family NESSie - Rachel Lambie introducing their new Emotional Based School Avoidance...

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