Early Years (pre-birth-4 years)

Some children’s needs are known before birth or at birth.  You may have help through the hospital, the health visitor, doctor, social worker or through pre-school. Your child is likely to be put on the Early Help Pathway.  This leaflet explains how it works.  There are

  1. Early help assessments
    The early help journey for families in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough starts with an Early Help
    assessment. It is an impartial and honest assessment of strengths, opportunities and challenges that is
    undertaken with the family, and only ever with their permission. It should be completed when more
    than one unmet need would benefit from a multi-agency support approach. More guidance on the
    early help assessment tools and process can be found here in the Effective Support for Children and
    Families in Peterborough and Cambridgeshire document.. Early Help assessments (EHAs) are also used as a gateway to access several other forms of support. From 2021, an Early Help assessment will need to be completed by a professional looking to access a neurodevelopmental assessment in both Peterborough and Cambridgeshire and the Early Support Pathway in both local authorities.
  2. Early help plan
    The Early Help plan is where families and professionals record their goals for the future and the steps
    that they are going to take to reach those goals. All Early Help plans in Peterborough and
    Cambridgeshire will follow the same structure whether they are developed by a Lead Professional or an Early Help practitioner. A critical attribute of the plan is that it is developed with the family and owned by you. It is also the benchmark against which progress for the family or young person is measured.
  3. The Early Help hub
    The Early Help Hub is the first point of contact for families and professionals doing an Early Help Assessment. It coordinates access to targeted early help services in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough and provides advice and guidance on cases managed by the professionals already involved. The Early Help Hub receives contacts for children and families who require multi agency support through Early Help Services to support their needs.
  4. Team around the family (TAF)
    The Team Around the Family describes the group of professionals or wider family members who are
    involved in providing support or advice to a family. It provides an opportunity for the family and
    professionals to work together on achieving a family’s goals. The Lead Professional will normally
    coordinate the different contributions of the individuals within the Team around the Family. This will
    generally be managed through regular meetings of the Team around the Family and monitoring
    progress against the Early Help plan.


You are likely to have help finding the services you need but do please have a look at our website as many families miss out of benefits, financial help for extras and things to do with their youngsters. It can be isolating for parents so please feel free to drop into our weekly Tii Hubs for parent to parent support.  As your little one gets older our free sessions may help you discover more tips and techniques to support your growing child.

The Local Authority has a Local Offer for 0-5 years.  Here you can find lots of help for your child.


0 - 4 years help

Funded school places 2 years and older

Supporting children with additional needs who are in a pre-school, nursery or are with a registered childminder.

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