Courses offered to parents

or courses for parents

Cambridgeshire County Council offer a number of free courses for parents.  Theses are to:

  • Help families to talk to each other, to avoid conflicts and the problems with relationships
  • Understanding children’s feelings and reactions
  • Improved communication with your children
  • Friendly, well-organised, weekly discussion group
  • Chance to meet new people
  • Often free créche facilities (check with group leader)


If you are accessing some services you may be offered a course.  These are often referred to as ‘parenting courses’.  The title can be unhelpful as it can make parent carers feel that they are being told they don’t know how to be a parent! That’s not the intention.  These would be better called courses for parent carers, as that’s what they are.

The courses may also be linked to:

    • the Early Help Service
    • Autism Assessments / the Autism Pathway (see our Handy Guide)  
      • The Cygnet course is accessible to parents of all primary school children with significant social communication difficulties, and ASD, following assessment. This is the main intervention and is provided in a multiagency collaboration between Community Paediatrics, CAMH and SEND services.
    • ADHD Assessment / the ADHD Pathway (see our Handy Guide
      • Within CAMH, parents will be offered ADHD-information sessions (currently run online). If after
        having applied these ADHD specific strategies parents feel there is a need for ADHD
        medication, they can request this, and the child will then be offered an appointment to
        consider medication.