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Cambridge Down’s Syndrome Baby and Toddler Group

A very friendly, informal group where parent carers can exchange information and experiences. All children and siblings welcome age up to 6. First Saturday of every month 10.30am-12.30pm (except August).

Contact : Claudia and Simon Holmes
Facebook (closed group): Cambridge babies and children with Down Syndrome Support group
Where we meet:
Cambourne Child and Family Centre
Sackville House,
Sackville Way,
Cambourne, Cambridge
CB23 6HL
 Area covered by group: Cambridgeshire.
 This is a very friendly and informal group lead by parents for families with children with Down Syndrome. Parents, expecting parents, and carers can meet, exchange information and experiences while the children’s and their siblings play together. Age group up to 8 years old. There is no fee to attend the group and families are welcome to come along whenever they would like to.
We meet the first Saturday of the month (except August) between 10.30am -12.30pm at Cambourne Child and Family Centre in the library building.
 The group comes under the Eddie’s umbrella so we are able to access their support and facilities.

National Autistic Society Cambridge

Contact number 07920 150407;

Adult Social Club

For anyone aged 18+ on the autism spectrum. Activities include Nintendo WiiU, board games, sports and a quiet chill-out space. The club meets twice a month on Sunday evenings at Christ the Redeemer Church in Cambridge. Full details and upcoming dates on the NAS website

Autism Support Network

The NAS Adult Autism Support Managers and VoiceAbility Speak Up Spectrum have established an Autism Support Network for people on the autistic spectrum, who are aged 16+ and living in the Cambridge area.

There’s a new monthly drop-in meeting for adults on the autistic spectrum, offering opportunities for people to meet with an Autism Support Manager and also like-minded people.  They can also discuss topics important to the wider autistic community.

You can simply drop in for a tea or coffee, but you are also welcome to join in the discussion or talk to Joseph, the Autism Support Manager.

The meetings take place once a month on Wednesdays, 12pm – 2pm in the Garden Room at the Chitra Sethia Autism Centre, Cambridge Road, Fulbourn CB21 5EF. Next Meetings June 14 and July 19.

NAS Parent Support Group

Monthly parent support group introducing parents and carers facing similar challenge. A chance to swop ideas and find out about support and activities in the local area.  Anyone caring for a child or adult with ASD is very welcome to attend.

The group will be running at 7.30pm – 9.30pm at the Chitra Sethia Autism Centre, Cambridge Road, Fulbourn, Cambridge CB21 5EF, on June 5 and July 3,

More details on the NAS Webpage:

Intensive Interaction Regional Support Network

Intensive Interaction Regional Support Network meets twice a term at various locations. Teaching pre-speech fundamentals to children and adults with severe learning difficulties and/or autism, who are at an early stage of communication development. Open to all.

Contact: Shelley Lockwood by Phone: 07748 980442.

Pinpoint ASD/ADHD parent group Histon

Are you the parent / carer of a child that has non-diagnosed or diagnosed ADHD / ASD?
Would you like to meet other parents to share your experience and get practical help and advice? This group is  for parents/carers whose children are on the waiting list, have had a referral turned down or are accessing services for ADHD/ASD. Each month we aim to invite speakers that will offer advice on how to support you, your child and your family.

More details & bookings
Laura Potter 01480 877333 or email

Hyperactive Children’s Support Group

Hyperactive Children’s Support Group holds ad-hoc meetings according to individual needs. Autism, ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia and allergies. Parents, professionals and siblings welcome. Contact Joan Lewis. Phone 01223 510551 or email

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