piggy bank

Pinpoint really needs your support!

Fundraising is vital to make sure we reach and help more Cambridgeshire families. Pinpoint runs on an extremely small budget – funded mostly by Cambridgeshire County Council (for our parent participation work) and the Department for Education.  So any money we can raise on top of that enables us to do more for our Cambridgeshire families.

Six ways you could help fund raise:

  • Run an event for us
  • Choose us as your Co-op ‘Local Cause’
  • Join our easyfundraising scheme – below – which raises free donations for us when you shop online – yet doesn’t cost you a penny!
  • Gift Aid your tax relief to us
  • Give a small donation to
  • Make us your charity of choice for a sponsored event such as a marathon or a bike ride.
  • Introduce us to a local company who might sponsor us.

Get in touch with our fundraiser Bianca Cotterill –