In this section you will find information on a range of topics that parent carers often ask us about.  Its not an exhaustive list and we are not the experts – you’ll find basic information to get you started and signposting to services who can help you on the next stage of the journey.  We would urge you to always seeks advice early from qualified professionals who can help and support you and your child.

Don’t forget that as a parent carer you can seek help for yourself from your own GP.

Brain Injuries


Eating Disorders and Difficulties

Mental Health

Managing Behaviour

Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy

Self Harm

Speech and Language

Special Dental Care

Sexual Health and Relationships


Pinpoint’s Health Guide

You can also find information about health services and support available in Cambridgeshire in our health guide here. The guide includes details on the following:

  • Section 1: How health services work
  • Section 2: Getting your voice heard in Cambridgeshire
  • Section 3: Getting Help
  • Section 4: Education Health Assessment and Education Health and Care Plans
  • Section 5: Services Directory – an A to Z of services
  • Section 6: New Health Offers