Notice of Pinpoint AGM 2020

21st September 2020

Pinpoint’s Annual General Meeting will be held 10th November 2020 12.30-1.30

You are invited to join via Zoom –

Meeting ID: 826 9200 3716, Passcode: 298034

Meeting Agenda

1. Welcome and introductions – Richard Holland

2. Apologies:

3. Minutes of 2019 AGM

4. Annual Report 2019/20

5. Treasurer’s Report 2019/20

6. Trustee elections:

a. Resignations during the year

b. Election of Officers:

– Chair or joint chairs – Vice-chair – Company Secretary – Treasurer

7. Staff changes to date

8. Going Forward

a. Pinpoint meetings and

b. Pinpoint Annual Conference 2021

9. Close

Pinpoint Annual General Meeting Minutes 1st November 2019

Bluntisham Village Hall, Bluntisham, PE28 3LR

1. Welcome and introductions – Fay Dutton

Attendees: Fay Dutton, Steve Wilson, Richard Holland, Margaret Sare, Christine Stocker-Gibson, Alison Griffiths, Miria Robinson, Bianca Cotterill, Judith Williams, Linda Green, Sarah Conboy, Liz Day

Fay welcomed all present.

2. Apologies: Chloe Wilson

3. Minutes of 2018 AGM

The minutes of the AGM were circulated, approved and duly signed.

4. Annual Report 2018/19

The Annual report was tabled. Fay reported that the new team had coalesced and were delivering the objectives. Pinpoint is becoming financially stable and is reaching more parent carers. Fay highlighted that we have secured new funding for which the groundwork was done in 2018-19 although not realised until 2019-20.

5. Treasurer’s Report 2018/19

The report covered three core areas: the money, external reporting and internal financial processes. Steve acknowledged that the report shows and drop in core funding coupled with a drop-in fundraising had led to an erosion in reserves. Expenses were less, in spite of rent increase, due to good budget control. A consolidated team structure and future income in the pipeline offsets the position. The Statement of Financial Accounts (SOFA) has been prepared is ready to be approved by Trustees and submitted in good time for the January deadline. In house processes are now self-sustaining.

6. Trustee elections:

a) Election of Margaret Sare as new trustee

Margaret was duly elected having been proposed by Fay and seconded by Richard.

b) Resignations during the year – Linda Green and Bianca Cotterill

It was noted that both Bianca and Linda had stood down as Trustees and had later taken up roles as part of the staff team.

Alison Griffiths and Steve Wilson have agreed to continue as Trustees. The updated constitution still requires some editing to fully achieve the changes envisaged regarding duration of trustee’s tenure.

C) Election of Officers: – Chair or joint chairs – Richard Holland was duly elected having been proposed by Margaret and seconded by Christine. – Vice-chair – Christine Stocker-Gibson was duly elected having been proposed by Fay and seconded by Richard. – Company Secretary – Alison Griffiths has agreed to continue as Company Secretary. – Treasurer – Steve Wilson has agreed to continue to continue as Treasurer.

7. Staff changes to date – were noted

a) Welcome to Linda Green, Bianca Cotterill and Laura Potter

b) Farewell to Sue Platt, Kari Payne and Carole Darlow

8.Going Forward

It was noted that there was a need to grow the Trustee base with more who have school age children with SEND.

9. Pinpoint meetings

It was noted that all meeting information can be found on the Website under ‘events.

10. Pinpoint Annual Conference Thursday 5 March 2020 at Burgess Hall, St Ives -noted.

11. AOB

SC was asked by FD to provide an operational update to supplement the 2018/9 activities and results set out in the Annual Report, as already discussed under item 4 and 5. SC outlined the following – the volume of work reported on in 2018/19 compared to the prior year; a more recent further increase in activities which is affecting workload which will be reported on in 2019/20; how the goals and deliverables of the team had been affected by the change in importance given by the Local Authority to their changing strategy; an increased interaction with parents and their conference feedback. FD noted the reference to 40,000 web views in the Annual Report, which was followed by a discussion about the importance of adapting the operational model to more online support for parents, at varying times of the day, rather than relying on day meetings. Time and introductions were also offered for website support.

12. Close