August evening and daytime Pinpoint workshops ( exploring the Local Offer together)

Throughout August we will be running some evening and daytime workshops where we will be exploring the Councils ‘Local Offer’ together. Ideally these needs to be booked in advance, however feel free to just pop in if no time to book! Dates, venues and times are as follows:


12th August – Whittlesey Library , 31 – 35 Market St, Whittlesey, Peterborough PE7 1BA

Pinpoint drop-in – Exploring the Local Offer 10.30-1.30


14th  August  – Bottisham Village College  Lode Road, Bottisham, Cambridge CB25 9DL
Pinpoint drop-in – Exploring the Local Offer 10.30-1.30


15th August  – Queen Mary Centre  Queens Road, Wisbech PE13 2PE
Pinpoint drop-in – Exploring the Local Offer 10.30-1.30


26th August –  King Edward Community Centre, Cranes Yard Railway Lane, Chatteris PE16 6NF

Pinpoint drop-in – Exploring the Local Offer 5pm-8pm


28th August – Family gathering with Highfield Ely and Littleport at Pocket Park, Ely 11-2


29th March Community Centre  34 Station Road, March PE15 8LE

Pinpoint drop-in – Exploring the Local Offer 5.30 pm-8.30 pm  

All sessions are free, we provide refreshments as well! To book one or more of the above sessions, email   or simply drop in!                            

If there is subject that you think would make a perfect future workshop that you would attend, let Esther know:

Update from The Social and Education Transport Team

Transport for September

The Social and Education Transport Team would like to pass on this message that they will be working all summer, due to the amount of peak work and organisation of efficient routes, some parents may not be informed of their new operators until later in the holiday.

Meet and greets will take place, this can be arranged by parent/carers or transport providers.

The team would also like to inform parents that the companies themselves must recruit and put their staff through CCC DBS clearance and acquire suitable vehicles, which is why there is sometimes a delay in being able to share information as quickly as parents would like during the holidays.

If at all concerned please contact your transport provider and/or the Social and Education Transport Team, details below.

Main SEND officers are:

Pam Baugh,

Hayley Lines,

Helen Treeby,, Helen covers SEND CRC & HRC campus

Susan Warburton,  Susan deals with SEND post 16 payments and Parental Transport Budgets

Lillian Grainger,, Lillian deals with LAC clients

The main office numbers are:

01223 715596

01223 715601

01223 715600

Parents/carers may also email the team

There is a new safeguarding leaflet for transport providers, this will be shared separately very soon.

Concerns around transport can be directed to SENTAS –   SEN Transport Advocacy Service