SEND Transport Charter launched

22nd February 2018

yellow car registration plate

The first edition of the Cambridgeshire home/school SEND Transport Charter has been launched.

The charter sets out the responsibilities of families, the local authority, transport providers and schools and colleges. And will be reviewed every three years.

It will bring in individual transport passports for all children and young people who use the service.

“This is a good example of parents and the local authority working together to improve services for our children and young people,” said Pinpoint CEO Sarah Conboy.

“It’s a positive step forward and the new passports will mean drivers and escorts and PAs will have a better understanding of the needs of their passengers and have all their key details to hand. We hope the service works well for everybody and we look forward to any further feedback from our families.”

  • You can view the SEND Transport Charter and example passports on our school transport webpage.
  • The page also has key transport contacts if you have a problem with your child or young person’s SEND transport.